Wellbeing Matters was set up by Claire Healy who has worked with over 70 schools and youth organisations to create safe, bully-free environments. The range of services provides holistic anti-bullying support not only to primary & post-primary schools but any organisation or professional that cares about the bullying of children & young people. Wellbeing Matters is passionate about using education and empowerment to deal with bullying & related issues.



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Callum Child, aged 8

How can we help?

Parents & Carers:
  • Recognising the signs of bullying
  • Keeping the child safe from bullying in the ‘real’ and cyber world
  • The role of parents in bullying prevention


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Teachers & Youth Professionals:
  • Defining bullying including cyber, identity based, verbal, gesture and relational bullying
  • Recognising bullying and its effects
  • The anti-bullying policy



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Child & Youth Workshops:
  • Interactive, age appropriate, utilising role-plays and multimedia
  • Effective responses to both traditional & cyber-bullying
  • Supporting bystanders to take a more active role in bullying prevention                                                   

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Personal Development
  • Learn effective ways to deal with bullying
  • Improve confidence
  • Learn assertiveness
  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Create healthy relationships

The Wellbeing Matters Personal Development Course combines theories of assertiveness with communication to bring about healthier, happier relationships in children/young people.

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Claire Healy

E: claire@wellbeingmatters.ie

P: (087) 7214457